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Fireshield + Green Star

We have intumescent products for group surface ratings for timber and structural fire rating for steel members that can be used to obtain Green Star credits when applied on site. Find out more here.
Structural Steel:
  • Steel 1001 single pack waterborne
  • Steel 1002 single pack waterborne
  • Fireshield 920KS 2-pack epoxy
Timber Group Surface:
  • TimberOne (Group 1-S)
  • TimberWhite (Group 1-S)

Protect Your Heritage Building

Fireshield’s products are an innovative, environmentally friendly range of coatings designed to enhance the fire resistance of vulnerable structures.
The coating systems have no harmful chemicals and are easy to apply, making them the ideal choice to expose heritage features, including timber floors and structural components in historic buildings, without the need to hide these behind linings.
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How to specify Fireshield systems:

New Zealand:
Fireshield specifications are available on Masterspec:
  • 6734FS for Timber Coatings.
  • 6742FS for Steel Coatings
  • 4221FW for Exterior WOODSAFE Systems
  • 5124FW for Interior WOODSAFE Systems.
Click the Masterspec logo to learn more.


Australia: Ezyspec coming soon!
For technical or specification assistance contact our Technical Team on ph: (03) 925 8565 (NZ) or ph:1800 092 097 (AUS)


Fireshield Continuing Education

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NEW Steel Attachments + Expansion Guide.

Click here to access our updated guide to attaching building elements to structural steel coated with Fireshield intumescents.



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Fireshield® products are tested and assessed by the top independent ILAC accredited laboratories, fire testing and assessment facilities around the world.